Practices are twice a week and begin in early June. Practice schedules are determined by the individual coaches within guidelines set by the club. Practices are usually held at Marymoor Park, Perrigo Park, or 60 Acres, seasonally.


Most teams participate in 3 tournaments throughout the summer season (June-August), one of which is our own Crossfire Select Cup. During the summer, teams are evaluated by the coach and coaching director and placed in a competitive division for the fall season that is appropriate for each individual team. A team that is well placed will win as many matches as they lose, and draw any number of matches. In this way, players and teams are receiving a proper challenge to help them develop their skills. 



Most Crossfire Select teams play in the North Puget Sound League (NPSL). NPSL teams play a 12-match schedule in the fall. Girls high-school-age teams (U15-U19) play in the winter beginning December and concluding in March. A few of the most competitive Crossfire Select teams compete in the Regional Club League (RCL). 



Crossfire Select teams end the season in January/February by participating in a state tournament, either Founders Cup or Presidents Cup (GU15-GU19 and higher performing teams). 



Travel is generally within a 1-hour radius of Redmond, occasionally more, and within King and Snohomish Counties. One or two matches per season may require further travel that is within a 3-hour radius of Redmond. 



Spring soccer is an optional program for players/teams U10-U14. The spring development league supplied through NPSL for boys and girls with 6 matches andruns in Feb.- March. The cost per player is usually around $150.


Crossfire Select offers a number of clinics throughout the season, as well as One. Soccer summer camp for U10-U12 players. There are a number of optional programs for Crossfire Select players that are free or at a reduced cost. Learn more about our programs

How is Crossfire Select program different from the LWYSA Recreational program?

Select offers a level of competition quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer but typically a tier lower than Crossfire Premier. Select teams play in the North Puget Sound League. Teams are placed in divisions within this league based on team strength with like opponents. Teams typically play in 3 summer tournaments, a 12-game fall league (except high school girls who play Nov-Feb), and then the WSYSA Founders Cup in the winter and early spring months. There is also opportunity for a 6-match Spring league that some of our teams choose to play in.


The time commitment for Club Select is quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer, but soccer doesn't take over players' lives. Select teams typically play 8-10 months of the year and play 25-35 matches during that time. Teams typically practice twice per week for 3 hours total. The atmosphere at games and practices is more focused, and there is a high emphasis on technical, tactical, physical, and mental development. While the soccer gets more serious, the main goals are still having fun, growing as individuals and as a team, getting healthy exercise, learning life lessons, competing at the appropriate level and playing a game we love with our friends.


How does Crossfire Select differ from XF Premier?

The differences between Select and Premier are less severe than between Rec and Select. There is typically (especially if you compare a Select "A" team to a Premier "A" team) an obvious difference in skill set, quality and speed of play and quality of competition. In addition:

  • Select is less time commitment than Premier. Select usually plays 8-10 months per year while Premier usually demands year-round play

  • Select offers skilled and experienced coaches that are business professionals during the daytime and volunteer coaches/life lesson mentors while coaching at Crossfire Select. Premier has paid full-time professional coaches. Both take the same coaching licenses.  

  • Select costs are approximately $1,000 per year while Premier can be over $2,500 per year not including the extra travel involved.

  • Select expects soccer to be top priority during fall and early winter but understands that other sports may take priority during late winter, spring and even part of summer. Most Premier teams expect soccer to be priority for most of the year.

  • If you are looking for something more than what the Crossfire Select Program offers we can connect you with Crossfire Premier. 



All age groups: $950

Fees allow the club to operate in a fiscally responsible manner as to cover registration, administrative costs, insurance, referees, facility rentals, field maintenance, and coaching education. Fees also cover the costs for teams to enter NPSL and a state cup. Crossfire Select offers payment options, and scholarships are also available.

Please note: As a non-profit organization we are unable to provide refunds. Please consider costs a tax-deductible donation in lieu of a refund. 


Teams collect a team fund from every family that range from $150 - $200 for the season. This fund covers tournament entry fees, costs to coaches, equipment and an end-of-season party. This fund is in addition to the club fees, and varies from team to team.


Team funds are determined by the coach team manager and collected at the first team meeting of the year. Dues are always divided evenly among families and not subject to discount based on individual availability.


Players are required to purchase the uniform through Boys order uniforms on even-numbered tryout years, and girls order on odd-numbered tryout years. If your player needs a uniform this year, you will receive an email from when items are available to purchase. Club fan gear can be purchased at any time. 


If you need an additional uniform outside of the regular order cycle, contact your team manager. The cost of uniforms is approximately $200 per 2-year cycle. Learn more about uniforms.




The Washington Youth Soccer State Cup Tournament starts the first weekend in January and semis/finals are held early February. Girls U15-U19 NPSL Season continues. 



Boys high school age (U15-U19) tryouts are held around mid February. North Puget Sound League (NPSL) Spring developmental league is an optional program for U10-U14 players and is 6 games that begin late February and concludes in early April. The cost per player is usually around $150.


Futsal is an optional program at minimal cost for Select players U11-U14, that focuses on quick ball movement on a gymnasium floor. Sessions are mixed age and gender. 



Purely Optional Playground Soccer (POPS) is fun free drop in soccer! It’s open to everyone U14 and younger. Coaches oversee small sided games but do not over instruct. It’s an opportunity for new kids to meet Crossfire Select coaches before tryouts and for everyone to get some extra touches on the ball and see their friends! 


Girls High School age teams begin their State Cup Tournament, Presidents Cup, at the conclusion of their NPSL season. 


Tryouts for all age groups (except boys high school U15-U19) for following season. Girls high school age Presidents Cup concludes. 



All teams begin training, two 90-minute sessions per week. Teams may enter 3 summer tournaments, one of which is Crossfire Select Cup (held end of July). Most teams enter tournaments in the Puget Sound area and some teams may travel farther. Free camps and clinics are also offered for Crossfire Select players



North Puget Sound League (NPSL) begins for U10-U14 girls and boys, and U15-U19 boys. Teams will play a 12 match season commencing the first weekend after Labor Day and concluding late November / early December with Thanksgiving weekend off. U10 will play a 10 match season. 



End of NPSL season for boys and girls U10-U14 and boys U15-U19. Girls High School age teams (U15-U19) will begin their season upon conclusion of their high school soccer season. The 12 match league play commences early December and concludes in late March prior to the start of Washington Youth Soccers Presidents Cup. 


Crossfire Select Annual Club Meeting. Review of the year and Board of Director Elections. 


2 weeks time off for all teams.