By popular demand, Crossfire Select have added a 3-week block of Friday night Goalscoring & Goalkeeping Clinics for Crossfire Select players only! Director of Coaching Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar will lead these developmental but fun sessions. 


Each session is designed specifically to train field players to put the ball in the back of the net and work on their technique. First time ball striking, two touch shooting, finishing off the dribble.


Goalkeepers will work on, but not limited to, the following: footwork, shot stopping, and mental aspects of goalkeeping.


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Director of Coaching Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar will be conducting Position Specific Training sessions for players in preparation for the upcoming fall season along with Girls High School Tryouts. PST specialized training is an opportunity for players to develop the specific skills needed for Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers.

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Aug 18: Girls 2004-07 Position Training Sign up now
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This half-day camp is FREE to U9-U12 Crossfire Select players. One. Soccer coaches will break down techniques step-by-step to help players understand how to successfully perform them in a game setting. Space is limited. 


August 22, 2022 Boys and Girls 2011-14
Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm or 1-4pm


Golden Boot

It is designed to bring players together to be immersed in a high performance soccer environment led by Director of Coaching Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar. Each session will consist of an objective but not limited to the following; goalscoring, ball mastery, going to goal. It is important for the players to perform to the best of their abilities so coaches will be patient and breakdown the techniques being performed by players. At the conclusion of each days objective we will conclude each day with small sided games. 

“The love of the game and the focus to improve individual skills and knowledge is a daily pursuit.” 


Program Features 

  • High performance training 

  • Step by step learning approach 

  • Customized training program designed to meet player needs 

  • Psychological dimension - developing the competitive edge  


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Crossfire Select Ball Mastery program maximizes ball manipulation in a high-energy environment. Practice is all ball related and focuses purely on the individual, which is designed to enhance:
- Technical ability with the ball

- Speed agility and quickness with the ball

- Balance and coordination with the ball



Throughout the fall season Crossfire Select players are invited to attend our in-house goalkeeping program, taught by Crossfire Select coaches.

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Purely Optional Playground Soccer (POPS) is an annual program lets players drop in for informal pick-up games. Games are organized and supervised by Crossfire Select, but there's no coaching. The goal is for players to come together and enjoy playing a game they love already. 

Spring 2023



Spring soccer is an optional program for players/teams U9-U14. The spring development league supplied through NPSL for boys and girls with 6 matches, typically on a Saturday. The season typically starts at the end of February and runs through the end of March.

Spring 2023


Winter Break Futsal Clinic

The Crossfire Select Winter Futsal Academy is a program designed for players U9-U12. Futsal increases players soccer skills by encouraging quick decision-making, creative solutions, short and precise passing, and allows players to touch the ball up to 80% more than in regular soccer. 

Details Coming Soon!